Meant to be

Yarn destiny?

Perfect project marriage?


Grove mittens by Jared Flood

These are what mittens are supposed to be.  Cushy and warm and a hug for the hands.  It’s the  product of a perfect match of pattern and yarn.  Needles, too.  (More on that in a sec.)

Often over the past year, I have been a lurker during months of the Knitter’s Book of Wool wool-along.  Sometimes it’s been too complicated to source the breed-specific yarn, or things were just too nutso to add another project on anything like a deadline.  Kind of defeats the purpose of knitting for sanity.  So I skipped Targhee back in April.

2-ply mulespun Targhee

But lo and behold, the Stash Lounge at the Knitter’s Review Retreat held three skeins of Montana-grown mule-spun Sweet Grass Wool.  The two-ply is definitely what Clara Parkes describes as having “a dense, doughy quality.”  In a mitten, that’s exactly what you want, especially in New England.

Grove mittens by Jared Flood were originally written for a light-worsted yarn.  Some knitters complained that their results were

A fine fit on long fingers

too small for the average female hand.  I’ve been fascinated by the pattern since I first saw them, and decided that the heavy worsted/aran of the targhee on an appropriate needle might fit the bill.  I have long fingers, so I imagined I might have to adjust near the top.  What looks like a lot of cabling is actually twisted stitches, other than on the cuff, where you can easily learn how to make the traveling rib without a cable needle.

It’s been a long time since I have rated a pattern anything other than “easy.”  I would not call these easy, but they’re not difficult, either.  I think a Knitty classification between “tangy” and “piquant” works.  Not surprisingly, I worked these one at a time.

No pattern modifications whatsoever.  The first one fits perfectly, even without a soak.  I was too excited to wait to post the pair.  As in, giggling with exuberance.

Oh. my. goodness.

En route to a pair

I also worked them one one of the three new sets of Signature Needle Arts circular needles I received for Christmas – Size 6, stiletto tip, to be precise.  (And these needles are ALL about precision, let me tell you.)  They are slick; they are sharp; they are indeed the Porsche of needles for me.  (I can only hope that a birthday will result in the upcoming size 3 and 4 needles, sizes I use constantly.)

As soon as these gift mittens are done, I’ll be casting on another pair for me.

I would dearly love to know which kind knitter donated this yarn so I could send her/him a big soft squeeze.  Preferably while wearing these.

Bring on the blizzard!


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6 Responses to “Meant to be”

  1. Luann Says:

    Oooh! That is such a great pairing. Isn’t Targhee fab? I love it, esp. for outerwear. Still amazed that you got Sig Circs for Xmas – you so deserve them, and in each and every size!

  2. Pat Says:

    Hi Nutmeg! Nice job on those beautiful blue mittens; wish I could say I was the yarn donator, but I cannot tell a fib!

    Regarding the stilettos, I’m with you. They are magnifique! I’m knitting a beautiful shawl for a dear friend using my Sig circs and the process is absolutely delightful with these fab tools.

    I’ll be looking for the new sizes too!


  3. debbie Says:

    Beautiful blue mittens! What a perfect project. I am so jealous about the needles! Your a lucky girl!!!

  4. tree Says:

    Hey Nutmeg – I’m totally digging the color of those mittens. They capture the fun of the pattern, and the shadow/highlights/stitch definition perfectly. I hope your friend enjoys them and you get your own pair done really soon (snow’s a’blowing). I did not donate the yarn, but can see it found a perfect home!

  5. KnittingKittens Says:

    They look great! Thanks for sharing your “take” on this yarn and pattern.

  6. Bullwinkle Says:

    Those look sooo squishy and comfy!

    Love your review of the yarn and pattern and needles – sounds like a perfect project!

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