Alas, the calendar page turned and all of my industrious mojo left.

After Christmas, I cleared an unbelievable amount of stuff from my house.  Six 25-gallon bins, four boxes and assorted shopping bags of clothing, some a frightening amount dating back to a different century.  (I wish I was kidding.)  Perhaps the up-side of being a “classic” dresser is that … your stuff doesn’t go out of style?  In that week, I prepared and consigned more than 120 pieces of adult clothes.  Went through scads of Darling Bebe clothes.   Other things delivered to those who need them.  I can see floor in places in the attic, and just need the plastic cabinets to go on sale to have a workable closet space up there.

Then all that energy just … evaporated.

I’m so far behind at work I can see my own backside.  Granted, this has not been helped by a disastrous furniture delivery (furniture was sent back, war with store continues), snow day (two feet), and hopelessly delayed medical appointment (physician and his plow were both stuck in his driveway, setting me back by hours).  When the email came today reminding me that the office was closing early before the three-day weekend, I had to laugh.  AS. IF.

If this was just a work problem that would be one thing.  One peek inside my house and it’s certainly not.  The place is a bona fide FEMA site.  This must change.

When I feel overwhelmed, I become utterly lousy company.  Owl as Oscar the Grouch.  No desire to do anything but sit in a chair and knit uninterrupted. (Which also has not been in the cards.)

Could this be total burn-out?

I did steal a few minutes to pick up my long-abandoned purple sweater for Darling Bebe and knock out the collar the other night.  That leaves exactly three mattress-stitch seams and 27 ends to weave in and it will be DONE.  And it will fit her.

I will get it finished this weekend.

Or else.

No playing with mittens or cowls until I do.  Period.

Tangential digression:  I have realized that my seeming inability to make the Kilkenny Cowl grow is really an optical illusion.  Knitting this cowl on US 2s is really akin to knitting a tube top for one of those skinnypuss teenage girls.  In that context, using a rather fine yarn (in both weight and quality!), no wonder it’s taking awhile.  It may end up a cowl, but it’s practically knitting an entire sweater body!

There is just one solution.

Effective immediately, I am placing myself in time-out.

No word on when the self-imposed exile will expire.


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8 Responses to “Vaporized”

  1. Bullwinkle Says:

    😉 Time out from what? Over-work? Cleaning? Shoveling?? Blogging? (Gasp! Not blogging!)

    Take care of yourself. Winter is for hibernating.

  2. kim Says:

    Oh, I thought it was just me. Work, house, anxiety attacks like never before. I must destash as well. I never seem to have the right yarn for the project I want to make anyway. Why even have stash, I ask you? Today, a family get together. I need to do groceries and make a couple appetizers. All I want to do? KNIT!

  3. Nanci Scrabonia Says:

    Time Out? Me thinks Knitting Rehab is in order! To me that would be a long weekend of only knitting- no work, house, husband or child rearing. Wish we had something like that to escape to……….oh yeah, not until November.

  4. KnittingKittens Says:

    My mojo must be hiding out with yours! If you see it would you let me know and of course I will do the same for you! As an Aunt of mine used to say, “My dear, this too shall pass”.

  5. Luann Says:

    Mojos must all be on vacation together! This time of year is always much busier than I expect, after telling myself for two months that I just have to get through the holidays and things will calm down. HAH! . But try to think of it this way – amortize out the number of tubs and bags that you just decluttered from the attic over the course of six months or so, and you are still making massive progress!

    Love your comment on Kilkenny, as a matter of fact my 12-year-old honorary niece could wear mine as a tube top!

  6. KnitterInPink Says:

    Hahaha. Good luck with the time-out. I…keep trying to find ME-knitting time…but everyone else keeps getting in my way! Can I put them in a time-out with you???

  7. Nancy Says:

    Me too! I do believe it’s winter. We are supposed to curl up in a warm ball, in a nest and sleep and relax! Do it! I’m with you at least in spirit!

  8. Lanea Says:

    I’ve been completely obsessed with my house lately, and that sort of cleaning, purging, sorting stuff always feels like it makes almost as much mess as it removes, doesn’t it? Congratulations on the donation tally–that’s excellent, both for you and for the needy people who receive your donations.

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