Belle ‘bel


Ishbel II

When things go right – they go so right.  (Or perhaps it is the fresh memory of G&Ts and 80 degrees when I took these.)

Thus, I present to you musings and eye candy.  If you like black licorice, this one’s for you.  In posting these with the project

Sunna blocks beautifully

page on ravelry, I had a hard time deciding which to put first. Here, I have all the space in the world to let the pix do the talking.

First, if you are going to knit a shawl, you want to knit it with Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna.

Drape? Oh, yeah.

Recommended by minh, it was perfect.  Sunna flows off the needles like nothing else.  It is lightweight but strong, fine without being fussy.  And this merino /cashmere /silk drapes.

Knitting with black? No problem here.  I can’t say

Not a flat black at all

whether that’s a function of the most intuitive pattern I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy (Ishbel by Ysolda Teague if you don’t know it by sight) or the yarn or the fact that it was knitted with love for my I-don’t-ever-want-to-live-without-her mom.

She who commissioned it

She wanted it big and black.

If you are looking to recreate this, here are the mods:

Alternating skeins: I alternated skeins on the third stitch of the garter edging to prevent pooling.  It’s invisible.

Sizing: For Ishbel, you can knit a  small or large stockinette section and a small or large lace section.  I used the “small stockinette / large lace” combination.  As charted, this shawl is [A-B] 4x, A-C-D-E.

Waving in the beach breeze

I haven’t weighed the remnants, but I used approximately 1.5 skeins of Sunna, which comes in a 350-yard put-up.

You can see that on my rather petite model, it’s large enough to wrap, but not so dark as to look like a giant batwing.

I am pleased.

Now if I could just get my hands on another perfectly mixed G&T …




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4 Responses to “Belle ‘bel”

  1. Luann Says:

    Love, love, love!

  2. bullwinkle Says:

    Wow. I’m getting ready to knit something other than mini-sweaters. Cool. (and thank you!)

  3. Lanea Says:

    Gorgeous. And I am heartened by your enjoying knitting all that black. Just don’t tell anyone I knit for, ok?

  4. Ciao 2011! « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] yarns I worked with this year:  Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona, Sunna, Holda, Birte, Verdande.   Berocco Blackstone Tweed.  BrooklynTweed Loft ~ which I haven’t […]

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