Who killed (Kil)kenny?

Sometimes a mindlessly enjoyable/enjoyably mindless project brings inattention.  Knitting auto-pilot.  The results are usually smashing.

Last night, I was thinking about Luann’s advice to add a few repeats to my Kilkenny Cowl.  At this point, there was far more yarn left than there should have been.  Suspiciously, I brought out the tape measure.

Nearly complete? I think not.

The project is four inches shorter than it should be.  Let’s check that gauge.  You know, the gauge you never bothered to check as you knitted and knitted and knitted …

For finer gauges, I know I tend to knit loosely, so I always start a couple of needle sizes below what a pattern calls for.  And for an accessory like a cowl, if it looks okay, I just keep going.  Repeat after me:  “Mistake.”

Lousy close-up

I’m getting 6.2 st/in versus the intended 5.1 st/inch.  That’s a mega-difference in the final circumference.

None of this is the fault of the very versatile Quince & Co. Chickadee, which has gladly produced the cables and lace throughout this sampler pattern.  The texture is certainly sproingy.  But perhaps too dense.  In fact, it could use some drape.  And some circumference.

In spite of being nearly finished, I know I can’t be happy with it leaving it be.

Decision made.  You know what comes next.

In lieu of lunch

The ball-winder joined me for lunch.

And I killed Kilkenny.  Only to cast on, again, of course.

This is only regrettable tragic in that it represents Knitting Time Lost.  KTL cannot be regained.  Battling a wicked case of start-itis (when I would like to start five new things this very minute), this development is most unwelcome.  But the pattern is wonderful and the yarn, more so.

I killed (Kil)kenny

At least with knitting, we get do-overs …

The mittens, shawl and mitts can wait. Really, they can. The yarn is not going to go bad waiting.  Really, it’s not.

You know you want to wrangle the WIPs to a minimum.

Stand firm, Owl!

It’s not like spring will be here any time soon.


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2 Responses to “Who killed (Kil)kenny?”

  1. Bullwinkle Says:

    Yikes! What … resolve you have. (I feel a bout of startitis coming on – I’ve actually been waiting for it, you know, with the mini-sweater parade and all.)

    But the resolve – to do it right – is inspiring. Must be nice yarn to keep you engaged. (Yes, I have some. No, I have not knit with it yet. Soon.)

  2. Lanea Says:

    Such a hard choice. I do love the look of the pattern and the yarn color.

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