Soldiering on

I will not cast on a new project.

I will not cast on a new project.

I will not cast on a new project.

So goes the battle with start-itis.  The reason I’ve been quiet is that I have exerted extreme discipline.

Lingering WIPs

I will finish these two WIPs before starting something new.  In all fairness, re-knitting the whole Kilkenny Cowl was not in the plan.  But since that happened because of my own inattention idiocy, I have not allowed myself any wiggle room from my resolve.

How ready am I to move on?  Enough to start counting.  When I break out math just for fun, you know I’m getting bored.

Sweet Grass Targhee Grove mitten #2

It goes this way:  Grove mittens (This time for ME!) ~ two thumbs to go (I finished the second mitten body since snapping this the other night.)

Kilkenny Cowl – now shaping up deliciously, I must add, using the appropriate needles and

Quince & Co. Chickadee in Gingerbread

gauge – 18 rounds of pattern and six of ribbing.  It is, indeed, Gingerbread (IRL color is between the 2 photos – camera was not cooperating).  It is spongy and delightful and this time, not too dense.

But geez, am I ever ready to move on!

Geodesic Cardigan - at least the start of it

The miles of stockinette in the Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio have provided a necessary break from time to time.  A lot more coming on that topic (I fear this could be an epic knit …), but the gist is that any time knitting with Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna is good knitting time.   This colorway is Acadia, if you’re wondering.

Of course yarn and pattern for the next project are already waiting on deck for me to finish the mittens and cowl, but I refuse to allow myself to wind the yarn until these WIPs are whipped.

Are we there, yet?


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4 Responses to “Soldiering on”

  1. Nancy Says:

    This thing called startitis is going around! Spring is coming…good for you for facing the devil on the needles!

  2. Bullwinkle Says:

    Such resolve. Such diligence. Such … well, you’ll see tomorrow 🙂

    Lovely knitting!

  3. Lanea Says:

    How sad is it that I just can’t find anything to knit? Seriously, my knitting brain is broken. I need the simplest of simple travel knitting, and I just plain refuse to start anything because I don’t want to knit anything boring. But I need to knit something boring so I don’t lose my mind. I am suddenly a complete, utter brat with the opposite of start-itis.

  4. Ciao 2011! « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] Geodesic Cardigan – stalled temporarily […]

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