If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Kilkenny Cowl

That credo prevails in my knitting.  Thus, my recent frogging and complete re-start of the Quince & Co. Kilkenny Cowl.  I was not pleased at the Knitting Time Lost.  And having knitted what is essentially the body of a sport-weight sweater ~ twice ~ I was bored.

Chickadee in Gingerbread

When I was finished knitting, I liked it.

Now that it’s blocked ~ it is delicious.

The difference is all in the blocking.

I’m rather finicky about blocking cowls.  In order to get the shape I want without a crease, it involves working in three dimensions.  Often, inverting my trusty old tin vase works fine, but this one took a modicum of creativity.

I put a sleeping pillow into a large plastic bag, lining the inside with tall pieces of recycled cardboard.  After soaking the cowl in Eucalan, I blotted it, then put the bagged pillow/cardboard inside the cowl to hold it up.  I pinned the cowl into the plastic and cardboard where the ribbing and the knitting meet ~ not at the bind-off: I did not want the edge to develop points.  (Yes, I thought about photographing this, but it was not aesthetically pleasing and looked rather jury-rigged.)

Toasty Gingerbread

This allowed the cowl to dry quickly, suspended gently, with no creases.

The Quince & Co. Chickadee in Gingerbread blocked out wonderfully without any special pinning out ~ the lace sectioned opened nicely.  The yarn bloomed and softened a bit.  The colorway looks a little washed out in these photos ~ it is richer IRL.

For the record, although I did not stretch this in any way, the yarn did relax for a much larger circumference after pinning.

Finished dimensions:  Height: 14.5 inches   Circumference: 38 inches.  Used 3.5 skeins.

Project marriage score: 9.5

No cable needle needed

This version of the cowl includes eight chart repeats, not seven, so that I can pull it up over my head in case of need.  (Thanks for that suggestion, Luann!)  My row gauge tends to always be shorter than my stitch gauge, so the additional repeat compensates, too.  And, BTW, I knitted the whole thing without a cable needle.  About time I learned how to do that …

I am rapidly entering the WIP wilderness where it may be awhile before I have much to show you.  There’s a little personal designing going on for this month’s Babydoll Southdown wool-along.  We’ll see where that goes.  If it’s worth looking at, I’ll show you.  If it’s not, I’ll probably show you anyway.


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7 Responses to “Delish”

  1. knitsteve Says:

    What a gorgeous cowl! 🙂

  2. Nancy Says:

    very very nicely done!

  3. Bullwinkle Says:

    The stitch definition on that cowl is just gorgeous (and a tree-mennnn-dous amount of (excellent!) work.)

    Just lovely.

  4. Lanea Says:

    Very very pretty. I think that yarn is the color of the nevus in my eye . . . I clearly need to knit something in it to wear near my face. Clearly.

  5. Paula Says:

    I saw your cowl on the Quince board and hiked over here to your lovely blog. Interesting thoughts about blocking the cowl. I’m just venturing into cowls and hadn’t thought about the crease issue. I love that Gingerbread color. Well done.

    • NutmegOwl Says:

      Thanks for coming to visit! I confess to being persnickety about a lot of things related to finishing … so thinking in 3-D sometimes really helps. And if an idea I have can help someone else, so much the better 🙂

  6. Nanci Scrabonia Says:

    Has to be in my top 5 favorite knitted pieces eva…. Everything about it says NutmegOwl knit me! This on walks into a room ahead of the wearer! Beautiful.

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