We are two: Contest


It’s always good to have flowers for an anniversary.  Or a blog-a-versary, which is today.  Funny – it seems like I’ve been writing in this owl box for longer than two years.

It is a daily surprise to me how many of you drop in to visit.  Somehow, I didn’t expect you in such numbers.  If you leave with something new you can use, then I’ve done my job.  Clearly, the more I post, the more you come.  And there is still a sort of “columnist” clock in my journalism-trained head where, if I don’t post for a few days, the tickler reminds me that something is due, even if only in my mental calendar.

I’ve been stocking up on goodies for the past several months ~ and tomorrow’s the first fiber festival of the season in these parts ~ so let’s get to the fun part:  prizes!

1) What was the most-read post of the past year?

2) What is the most-searched term online that brings folks here?

3) What was your favorite post?

There are more than enough goodies to spread around, including some collectors’ items, so give it a guess or troll through the archives or share your 3 cents’ worth.   Entry deadline: midnight, Sunday, May 8.

ETA:  Just add a comment below to enter.  Come out, come out, wherever you lurkers are!

Thanks for dropping by.  I appreciate the good company.


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11 Responses to “We are two: Contest”

  1. phlame Says:

    I just found you…so I’m not up on the questions….but I’ll now keep you on my scope!

    • NutmegOwl Says:

      Welcome, and don’t be a stranger! Contests are a good reason for lurkers (hint!) to come out to play 🙂

  2. KnittingKittens Says:

    Congrats sweetie! It has always been one of my “must reads”!

  3. Malone Says:

    I’ve just begun to read “Owlways Knitting” so I can’t really speak to back posts….although I will enjoy leisurely strolling through them in the coming weeks. I’m going to take a stab at the search question….and my answer is: the search term that most often leads folks to this blog is Owl.

    Congratulations on two years! I am in awe of all you do.

  4. bullwinkle Says:

    Most read post is one of your reviews of the Knitter’s Review Retreat 😉
    Most-searched term is: ???
    My favorite post … something with DB. The Charlie Brown sweater in Feb – a wonderful UFO – finished! A darling child enjoying being center of attention! and Awesome knitting! What more could you want? (Seriously, the zig zags remind me of Charlie Brown and I think you referred to it that way in an earlier post.)

    I also love the Swedish Day Dress – adorable knitting and an adorable child. She just looks so happy and thrilled that you knitted something for her. I love it.

  5. bullwinkle Says:

    p.s. Happy Blogiversary!!

  6. Pat Says:

    Hi Nutmeg!

    Congratulations on your anniversary…though I don’t know the answers to your trivia questions I always enjoy reading your blog!

  7. Nanci Says:

    Is it your 2nd Blogaversary already? Time flies when the reading is good! In answer to the favorite post question- my answer won’t surprise… any post that Darling Bebe is starring in! Most read? Post KR Retreat. Search term? Owlways?

    Happy Happy Blogaversary dear Nutmeg Owl and many more years of Owlways Knitting!

  8. Jacqui Says:

    Congratulations on your Blogaversary! Most read? Post KR retreat(which is where I met you!) Term searched? I agree with Nanci it is Owlways cause I looked it up! Favourite post? Every time I read your blog. I just admire people who have a true gift of the gab! Enjoy your celebration.

  9. debbie Says:

    Hey girlie. My favorite posts are when you review things. Anything. Trips, yarns, patterns, or your work. I love when you get all worked up about “alternate” yarns. I love how you open our minds to new things and not just the latest “must have” or “what all the cool kids” are knitting.

    Your so unique and I love coming here to hear your voice. It does help seeing as I’m not getting much of an opportunity to see you at the LYS. Cause there isn’t one any more!!!

    Happy Blog Anniversary. Many more to come I hope. xoxo

  10. Lanea Says:

    Happy anniversary!

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