There has been much work of late, much mothering, too, and even knitting.  Not nearly enough writing about it, to be sure.  The digital pix are stacking up just as much as projects waiting to be blocked chez Owl!

My most-used knitting book

There are a few books in my knitting library that I use regularly.  The one that occupies the space between the cushion and arm of my knitting chair is The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman.  There is far more to its contents than the title suggests, and would probably be more accurate if the word “finishing” were removed.  It’s my go-to when I am looking for an alternative technique ~ or just the right way to do something.  In this case, the issue was stretchy bind-offs for 1×1 ribbing for the neckline of the Wispy Cardi.

To idiot-proof: use different-colored needles

What I love about this book is that for every cast-on, edging or decrease, there’s a simple list of the pros and cons associated with the technique.  The instructions are clear as can be.  So I took up two circular needles and placed the knits on the front needle; the purls on the back ~ somewhat fiddly, but necessary ~ in preparation for the “Grafted or Kitchener Bind-off” aka Tubular Bind-off.


This technique is not for those who fear kitchener stitch.  But if you’ve learned that its rhythm is like a dance-step, there’s really nothing to it at all.  And it produces an utterly stretchy invisibly bound-off edge.  It’s as if the ribbing just stopped in its tracks.

I love learning new tricks and will definitely need to use that one again.  Time to get flying on the rest of this cardigan – Rhinebeck awaits!  Tick tock!

How about a little DB eye candy on Friday?  Would you like that?  Let’s see if I can make that happen.  ‘Til then …


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