Moving on

Chalk this one up as a new experience: a model that I really did not enjoy knitting.


It certainly was NOT the yarn’s fault.  I found the Lachesis, a 100% prime alpaca laceweight to be both fine and strong, and without too much of a halo.  The colorway, Inkheart, was lovely.

The pattern, OTOH …

Blocking helped. Some.

… I readily admit that often my brain resembles Swiss cheese.  My best guess as a mere mortal knitter of the low-maintenance variety, is that in an effort to make enough tweaks to self-publish and avoid copyright infringement on a wickedly similar garment she had

An FO is an FO is an FO

already published elsewhere, the designer got messy.  Put in context:  The pattern contains a special note about sizing and a measurement to take.  Here’s the rub: 1) That measurement does not correspond to the finished size of the garment; 2) following the schematic, I would be a Child’s Large.

Ahem.  Wishful thinking, but even with brain hiccups, that’s a non-starter.

I’m all for clever construction, but when it’s so very clever that the only way to adjust when things go awry is to frog 30% of the garment  ~ game over.  Count me out.

So let’s just say that my homework is done ~ assignment complete ~ buh-bye.

Oh, the reward that I have on the needles now!  Just you wait.


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One Response to “Moving on”

  1. Lanea Says:

    Sigh. That sounds like a waste of good yarn and valuable time. What a pain. See you at Rhinebeck?

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