The key to a day-trip: tickets to Sesame Street Live.  For Darling Bebe and Mr. Owl, that is.  Add a full tank of gas and your best gal pal, and it really doesn’t matter where you’re going.  When there are sheep and yarn at the journey’s end, so much the better.

It's all about the sheep

And so, after a three-year hiatus, KnittingKittens and I found ourselves baa-aaack among the sheepy crowds at Rhinebeck on Saturday.   A lot has changed about the way we attend these sorts of events.  Looking back five years, we would

Teeswater, anyone?

have passed right by the sheep breeds barn and probably even remarked that it was wasted space.  Perish the thought today.  Neither of us is satisfied seeing “wool” on a skein or hank anymore.  We want to know what kind of wool.  And for that, we have to thank our Clara.

Clara "The Yarn Whisperer" Parkes

Clara Parkes, that is.  Call her The Yarn Whisperer, or whatever you wish – she was there with smiles and a Sharpie to sign copies of the freshly minted Knitter’s Book of Socks.  You may not think you’re interested in what Clara is writing about on a given day.  Until you read what she has written.  And then you are sucked into knowing a lot about that thing, and liking it.  That is the Mystery of Clara’s Writing.  I look forward to at least a greater appreciation for footwear from it.  Pick up a copy and find out for yourself.

Briar Rose Fibers and camera-shy Chris

Without Clara’s Knitter’s Book of Wool, I probably would not have met Chris at Briar Rose Fibers, the dyer responsible for one of my favorite yarns of all time: Glory Days, a DK-weight BFL that does everything you ask of it.  You’re going to see more of it here in the near future.

Long Ridge Farm Cobweb Lace - Pewter

Another of my favorite shepherdesses, Nancy Zeller at Long Ridge Farm, brought something new:  her cobweb silk dyed semi-solid.  IRL, this Pewter colorway looks like molten metal.  She thinks I bought it to be nice.  I bought it because it is stunning.  And I cannot believe it is her first foray into dyeing semi-solids.  With any luck, she will have more at her booth at the Fiber Festival of New England.

Owl shawls are all around!

Speaking of booths, it’s been a long while and many models since I’ve seen the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth in person.  Look – in the foreground is the green Phoenix Rising I knit in Nona, and just behind it, the Juneberry Triangle in Birte.  Holy Owl Box, Batman!  There

Wispy and Hawthorne, too

are Owl knits all over the place.  Look at that wall – the Wispy Cardi I just finished hanging next to Hawthorne in yummy scrumptious Lyra  ~ the same Hawthorne I had around my neck!    It is fun to see your knits “in the wild” as it were.  And even better to see your Knitter’s Review pals from the Eastern Seaboard in person.  (Yes, Lanea, Marfa, Shelia, Purlewe, Jane and Sandy, I’m talking about you!)

Llamas on parade

Where else but Rhinebeck would you have a sudden outbreak of Llama parade?  I don’t know whether it was a formal organized thing, but the crowd just parted and there they were, llama after llama ~ sorry, no red pajamas ~ marching around the fairgrounds.

The place where

The Sanguine Gryphon check-out line

the marching came to a dead halt – reportedly for two hours or more – was out behind Barn 29.  This was the check-out line for The Sanguine Gryphon.  Many festival vendors complained that their credit-card transactions were running terribly slowly.  But two hours in line?  To buy yarn?  (Which is not to say that I do not have or enjoy knitting with TSG ~ I have it and I do.  I did not, however, invest that much tick-tock-tick-tock time to obtain it.)

Like mother, like daughter

What Nutmeg Owl did buy was the single must-have: replacements for our Shepherd’s Flock shearling slippers so that Darling Bebe and I can have toasty toes all winter.

Goal: a getaway day with my BFF, to see friends and fibers.

Mission accomplished.


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7 Responses to “Rhinebeck”

  1. KnittingKittens Says:

    As always, you captured the spirit of the day!

  2. Luann Says:

    What a wonderful recap! Thanks very much for the vicarious fiber-fun.

  3. Lanea Says:

    It was great to see you this weekend! Thank you for showing me everything I didn’t see while I was working away in the booth.

  4. Mary Says:

    Since I went on Sunday, I missed see you, Knitting Kittens and some of the KR Retreat gang. But, I’ll be seeing you all soon!

  5. Nancy Zeller Says:

    it was a wonderful surprise to see you and KK!
    and you are awesome…xx

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    […] padding on the floor, feet and back were not especially amused.  And unlike my pleasure-only forays to Rhinebeck, I never really got a sense of the WHAT do you make with these and how do you hold […]

  7. Caboose « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] yarn was easy – Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona.  I used it to make an enormous and dramatic Phoenix Rising for STF, but had nothing of my own made with Sunna’s skinnier laceweight sister.  Time to […]

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