The cavalry arrived.

I’ve been positively giddy ever since.

We are deeply grateful to the convoy of Virginia gentlemen  from Old Dominion Power who took over the neighborhood Sunday afternoon and brought the lights back on ~ nine hours before Connecticut Light and Power’s self-imposed deadline.  (Their now-missed benchmark was to have 99% of the state back up by midnight.)

We thanked them in person, and we blew them kisses, too.

It’s better than fireworks on New Year’s Eve just to have incandescence again.




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4 Responses to “Incandescent”

  1. Nancy Zeller Says:

    best get a generator in case of another event.
    we have been with them for years now.
    i just hate the inconvenience.
    nice to think of you all in the glow of lights.

  2. erin mcdonald Says:

    So happy and relieved for you!

  3. Martha Says:

    Glad the waiting is over for you! Love your little knitting nest and beautiful sweater. See you soon.

  4. bullwinkle Says:

    Oh yay! It’s hard to be without power – even a generator doesn’t cover everything. Glad to see you’re back on the grid – and I’ll see you soon!! (Yay!)

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