I refuse to look at the calendar.  To do so would be to acknowledge that in one week, I must finish knitting a sweater, knock out some hats, make swatches for a class, pack things to destash, and get the other occupants of my household ready before I disappear for four delicious days of knitting with no other responsibilities.

LOFT - Barn Owl

In the meantime, I will plug my ears and shout, “LA LA LA LA LA!”  And let you feast your eyes on the contents of a package that arrived at my house long before the power crews.

This, my friends, is BrooklynTweed LOFT.  Colorway:  Barn Owl.

LOFT: Blanket Fort - how evocative

It is the long-anticipated skinny sister to SHELTER, 275 yards of woolen-spun American wool to each hank.   Picture a hank of Jamieson’s Shetland in fingering weight.  Then imagine it “foofed up.”  A skein of LOFT is about twice a poofy.  You DO want to squeeze the Charmin.

In the skein, LOFT reminds me very much of the Sweet Grass Targhee I used to make Grove mittens(also designed by BrooklynTweed/Jared Flood).  No wonder, since LOFT is made from

LOFT: Old World

Targhee and Columbia wool.  It has the same sort of natural stickiness, too, that lends itself to colorwork.  If you liked colorwork.  Or wanted to actually knit colorwork.

I purchased some accessory patterns so I can give LOFT a proper test-drive for myself.  In the meantime, I will point you to the Yarn Whisperer’s rapturous review.

Excuse me while I go back to compulsive list-making so I can actually get out of town …


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2 Responses to “LOFTy”

  1. bullwinkle Says:

    So … in the next 7 days, I have to go to Boston, and return, toss the stash, do the laundry, find the hats, pack … gotta go.

  2. Ciao 2011! « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona, Sunna, Holda, Birte, Verdande.   Berocco Blackstone Tweed.  BrooklynTweed Loft ~ which I haven’t gotten on the needles yet, but know I will enjoy.  Interestingly, without […]

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