Packing it in

It is deep in the owl-hours.

The car is half-packed with  yarn to destash, tools and class materials for not one but TWO sessions with the delightful legend Ann Budd.

FOs are labeled for those who want to know yarn and pattern details.

Yarn is wound to start something new.

Last year’s New Beginning’s project is packed for “recommitment” or another try in the event I am not distracted by some “shiny” new thing, like the newest Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Briar Rose Fibers or String Theory offerings.

There’s half a case of Diet Coke in there, too.

I have completed an unexpected after-hours project for a client ~ one I neither wanted nor needed tonight ~ because it was the right thing to do.

I have fired off the last eight memos to take care of items dangling in my absence. This will allow me to ignore the dreaded BlackBerry for four whole days at the Knitter’s Review Retreat.

I will try to post from there.

A new location this year, a much longer drive, and some dear friends who won’t be there this time leave me feeling a little jumbled. Or maybe it’s sheer exhaustion.

One thing stands between me and sleep: packing Darling Bebe’s lunch.

In a mere few hours:  Road trip with KnittingKittens.


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One Response to “Packing it in”

  1. nancy Says:

    revel. rest. recover. retreat!

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