Another. Shiny. Object.




Dratted colorwork Christmas stocking #4 was finished and blocked in time for Santa.

I am a knitter without a deadline until April.


As a rule, I don’t mind knitting on deadlines.  The sample work I do allows me to test-knit yarns at no cost to me, and often, to be among the first to try them out.  That’s fun.  I’m not talking about deadline-knitting.  Obligation knitting ~ that’s another story entirely.

And as of now, my only knitting obligation is a new pair of socks for Darling Bebe.

So I have complete knitting freedom.  In fact, on the ride home from my parents’ on Christmas Day, I knitted on not one, not two, but THREE different projects.  Because I could!  (Note:  One of those projects included DB’s socks, of course.)

Generally speaking, I am fairly monogamous in my knitting.  I’ll be actively working on 2-3 projects at a time, mainly for reasons of portability, complexity and convenience.  Some lace charts with beading are not made for the dentist’s office; some cowls are too sleep-inducing for companion late-night PBS viewing.  And you know that those owl hours of the night are when I execute my best work.

An obligation takes all the fun out of it and puts all the other projects in Time Out through no fault of their own.

Not anymore!

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Holda - Fortune's Red

Instead, I can feel the tickle of the most severe case of start-itis coming on.  There is the adorable hat promised for a young lady with yummy yarn from my unexplained fall from grace.  And the Rosebud  hat for me after I made one for a charity project (and forgot to

Long Ridge Farm Silk Lace - Pewter

photograph) and enjoyed the knitting and the FO.  Because I do need more hats.  It is winter in New England.  And those Fallberry Mitts I want to get on the needles before December ~ and Cotswold month ~ is over in the woolalog.  And the new Spirit Trail Holda cowl for me in that zesty Fortune’s Red (above).  And the incredible Long Ridge Farm cobweb silk beaded project on deck for a special friend …

Well, you get the picture.

Just call me giddy.   Breathlessly giddy.  Yarntoxication at its best.


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3 Responses to “Giddy”

  1. Susie Kline (@SusieKline) Says:

    I love “yarntoxication”!

  2. bullwinkle Says:

    Ah! the glorious freedom of new beginnings 🙂

    Nice hat, btw.

  3. Jane Says:

    I’m contemplating my own lineup. There are some ideas, some yarn, and a whole year stretching out before me! Happy New Year!

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