Cozy Rosy

It’s been awhile since I wrote about Rosebud.  It’s taken that long for me to be in a location where I actually had a model to photograph wearing this Jared Flood design from the BrooklynTweed Fall 2011 book, probably the single best collection of knitting patterns I’ve seen in a decade.

A relaxed Rosebud

A good bath in warm water made all the difference in the world ~ and helped this hat relax significantly.  It also made the angora in the Blackstone Tweed bloom into a nice soft little halo.

I like to block three-dimensional objects in three dimensions, so rather than drying it flat and

Top of the Rosebud

rotating it periodically to try to avoid creases, I stuck a couple of crushed plastic grocery bags in the top and placed the hat over my favorite inverted blocking vase.  No creases to worry about, and the hat lengthened about three inches, too.   I made the larger “slouch”  version on purpose.  (My original, made for charity, was the one-skein non-slouch and would not stay on my head when tried on.)  The second photo is the more accurate color.

Yes, to those who have asked, this is garter stitch knitted in the round, so it’s not for you if you (for reasons I fail to understand) dislike purling.

I’ve road-tested Rosebud in windchills below 10 and out sledding.  It stays on my head, keeps my hair dry and my ears warm.

That’s a winner in every sense.


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2 Responses to “Cozy Rosy”

  1. bullwinkle Says:

    I just discovered that garter stitch in the round is possible if one knits both handed… that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities 🙂

    (My is saying things like “look at that crown with the garter rows … “)

  2. Unbroken bough | Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] That said, I’m also stuck in the realm of accessory knitting for the present.  Too much happening around this Owl’s nest to dream of executing a garment.  And with a lot of my time spent at a construction site, I needed a second really warm hat since I kept misplacing my favorite Rosebud. […]

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