heart ~ v. to like deeply and enjoy.  syn: love.

Don’t look for me to get all Hallmark on you.  Nope.  I’ve owlways dreaded Feb. 14.  Even now, with wonderful Mr. Owl and Darling Bebe, I can’t shake the thought that as many people are left feeling excluded as feel, well, loved.

So let’s go depart from the land of wilted roses and overpriced prix fixe meals and talk about two things I heart.

First, for the knitter who thinks she has everything, there is my Yarn Pop.  This arrived in a surprise package from Sandy and Mary

Yarn Pop

after Vogue Knitting Live.  The idea is to put your working yarncake inside, run the live yarn through the grommet and work away while your yarn remains clean and organized.  I’ll admit that once I got past the too-cute print, I thought, “Would I use this?”

Uh, yeah.

I have used my Yarn Pop in a plane, in the car and a lot of places in between.  It’s convenient.  The yarn draws through it well.  The big plastic zipper won’t harm yarn.  It prevents my needles from messing with the yarncake inside the project bag.

That’s really my only quibble with it ~ the contention that by using it, you can “easily transport projects in your purse or computer bag.”  (Obviously, they haven’t seen the state of my purse lately.)  The size Small easily fits a 300-yard skein of worsted-weight yarn.  But there’s no way that my needles and the cowl I am making on them are going to fit back into the bag ~ even as I use up yarn.  That’s fine with me.  I like the Yarn Pop for doing what it does, and the print is fresh and happy.  (ETA: For those of us who use a lot of hand-dyed yarns and alternate skeins, or sock knitters, there is a practical Large size with two grommets, too.)

And I heart saying, “Yarn Pop!

I’ve often posited that pocketbooks, as they are called ’round these parts, are as personal as underwear.  I tend to buy two a year for most-of-the-time use, one for warm weather, one for not.

h i l b r a n d t, julia

I first saw Julia Hilbrandt bags at Rhinebeck.  Even from a distance, they spoke of serious materials and clean lines with whimsical touches.  When I had the chance to really spend time with Julia and her wares at the Knitter’s Review Retreat, I found the bag that worked for me ~ almost.  The industrial-grade felt was perfect for my needs, but the straps weren’t quite right.  No matter,  because a Hilbrandt bag is a bag made by Julia.  If you want something different, you ask and Julia makes.

You should know that Julia goes extra miles.  Plural.  Of course it hadto happen that the brown felt I wanted became difficult to


source for awhile.  Julia updated me regularly before I could ever ask her about the status ~ so much so that I wondered if I wasn’t annoying her with the bag order that just would not go away.   Finally, the brown felt came back, and my bag, with the longer straps, arrived chez Owl.

I do heart it.  And I suppose it is chocolate.  The kind you wear, even.  But in a place you enjoy wearing it for a long time.


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3 Responses to “Heart”

  1. Mary Says:

    All I saw were the owls! I didn’t know that there were grommets, too. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bag!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Woo-hoo!! (get it, get it!!!)

    We couldn’t resist!!! An owl for an owl. And I’m done!

  3. bullwinkle Says:

    Those YarnPop bags!? Ned proof?? The ceramic bowls don’t deter him much – and they break. (Not that he’s broken one – we’ve been quick.)

    Love the Julia Hilbrandt!

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