Purple power

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named L who loved the color purple.

L was a spirited and clever girl.  So much so, that when doctors found something very scary, everyone knew that such a strong and brave girl would fight hard to be well again.

Rosebud for L

But those who loved L knew that the road would be long, and they reached out to their friends for help.  They said, “Our L loves the color purple.  This family is full of talented knitters.  Can you please use your gifts to make her purple hats?  The hats will keep her head warm, and and remind her of all the people who love her.”

And so, as a member of the Knitter’s Review family, NutmegOwl went to the airport and cast on a purple hat for L, a scaled-down version of her favorite-of-late Rosebud, executed on US 4 and US 6 needles

madelinetosh Vintage - Blackcurrant

and madelinetosh Vintage in Blackcurrant.  The purple is there, blended with hints of blue jeans, the right thing for a young girl in cool weather or warm.  NutmegOwl knitted it in airports and on airplanes and late at night on vacation, watching the moon shine on the Gulf.

May it bring L currents of purple power as she journeys along the road and reaches a triumphant destination.


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3 Responses to “Purple power”

  1. Nanci S Says:

    No words…..

  2. Martha Says:

    Beautiful story. Your hat is charming. Hope Miss L is hanging in there.

  3. bullwinkle Says:

    awww … (more cable-y goodness. Lovely color.) Hope all has turned out well.

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