Yes, yes, mes copains, it has been far too long.  Life and work get in the way.

There has been plenty of knitting though, in odd moments, many of them during the owl-hours I’ve been seeing far too oft of late.

None of it is quite ready for prime time yet.  Which is to say, it ain’t blocked.  Quelle surprise!?


So today, you get a little tease with some of the newest Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarns.  Those in the 2012 Knitting Club will this month

Holda in Fortune's Red

receive a skein of Holda.  I agree with Jennifer – in the skein, it’s not much to write home about.  It has about as much life as wet tissue.  That’s the really fun part of sample knitting: getting to put a new yarn through its paces to see what it can do.  I’m happy to report that while my knitters’ antennae were twitching, “Splitty!” a pair of stiletto-tipped Signature circs allowed me to cable and cable and cable some more ~ all without a cable needle ~ and without losing strands.  Holda performed beautifully.  And it has bunny in it.  I am a sucker for lambswool ~ let alone the bunny.  I’ll tell you all about the pattern when we have some real FO photos.

Lyra in colorway Bacchus

Then there is a dear friend, Lyra.  My smooshy pal, in colorway Bacchus.  This sweet little hat knitted up in a matter of a few days, limited only by my available time.  Flawless pattern that should look a little familiar to Lyra devotees.  It will be blocked for a bit of le slouch.  And an accompanying accessory to follow.

Verdande in Tuareg Blue

But the piece-de-resistance is Verdande.  V. is the plump and well-rounded big sister to Birte, Sunna and Nona.  And is she ever a joy to knit with!  This incredibly deep colorway is one of Jennifer’s new ones: Tuareg Blue.  This Susanna IC shawl, with all of its cables and

Scrumptious - and worsted weight

lace, was knitted on dull-tipped original Addi Turbos.  (The color is more accurate in the upper photo.) Verdande never split – or even thought about splitting.  I can tell, even unblocked, this is going to have fabulous drape.  It flew off the needles with little interference from me.  There will have to be more ~ miles more ~ of Verdande in my future.

That’s your sneak peek for now.  More coming soon as the blocking is done.


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4 Responses to “Trailblazing”

  1. darciad Says:

    Love love the blue shawl!! Which Susanna IC pattern is it?

  2. bullwinkle Says:

    🙂 Teasers … Love all the cable-y work. Can’t wait to see the shawl!

  3. Luann Says:

    You’ve been busy! I too have a growing pile of unblocked projects. Time for a block party!

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