The Morton Salt girl and I have a lot in common of late.  To wit, it pours.  I speak not of the weather.

But maybe ~ just maybe ~ the owl-hours spent typing, night after night, may be over for a bit.

And maybe the Yarn Goddess will stop laughing at my occasional attempts to knit for respite.

Too small for any but a 'tween

Case in point: This pretty little mitt. Little being the operative word.  See the needle shaft next to it?  That’s 5 inches long.   This mitt would fit a ten-year-old beautifully.  An adult, not so much.

How did this happen?  It went this way:  “The original pattern was knitted on a Size 9; the mitts call for a Size 8.  I knitted the lace of the original on a US 7, ergo my mitts should be on a Size 6.”  Right.  I might have spotted the fatal reality of this logic if these mitts were knitted from the cuff up.

But, noooooooooo.

Knitting Time Lost.  Dammit.

Okay – I cranked this out in about a day and half.  So let’s try it again on a US 8.

Nutmeg Owl knits about 7 rows.


Shades of Goldilocks already…

The mitt has now been cast on using a US 7.  This will be just right – or else.

The only saving grace:  at least this once I didn’t decide to knit the pair 2-at-a-time.


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