The blasted humidity has broken, leaving us with the kind of bright clear day that yields a sky the color of the Connecticut flag.

This portends a few things:

  • I can finally get up into the attic-that-is-my-closet to put away the woolies and get out the summer clothes.  Really, it’s time.  (Because I can do it without threat of suffocation.)
  • It is dry enough for blocking!

“Blocking what?” you ask.
Shawls.  There are three that have been waiting an embarrassingly long time.  It brings to mind a story Ann Budd tells of a co-worker who hates blocking so much she has a trunk full of shawls ~ that are all unblocked!  She takes them off the needles and chucks them in the trunk.  Imagine!

Cobweb Lace from Long Ridge Farm

I am closing in on the finish line on the current bit of lace, a confection of 100% silk and beads you’ll see soon.

Which brings me to a burning case of startitis.  You know, that time when you’re just dying to put Something New on the needles.   New yarn.  New pattern.   One look at the stash and the possibilities are rather endless.  I want to play with them ALL.

Fact is, I was a very industrious and focused Test-Knitting Owl the first five months of the year.  Monogamous to my projects in the most disciplined way.

Time to let down my hair and allow myself to get some shiny new things going.  That means all kinds of time in the black hole of “advanced-pattern-search,” browsing yardage against stash, looking at other knitters’ projects ’round and ’round in circles.  How does it get to be past midnight?  Something like this:

Do I want to use madtosh merino light in a shawl?  Or some silk lace in the new Ysolda Teague Barley Sugar, which is a wonderful year-round accessory and stash-burner?  Do I really want to knit (learn) all that brioche stitch right now?  How about getting some of that BrooklynTweed yarn on the needles ~ finally ~ so I can write a decent review?  That Kirsten Kapur Ziggity would be perfect for the really fine BFL sock yarn I have.  Wait, with like, 2914 patterns I need to BUY one?  How is that possible?  What about a pattern in my library that uses the same yarn?  How about beads this time?  It’s been a long time since I knitted with the original Sundara Sock I love so much; it would be fun to get that going again. (Then goes off to buy some of said yarn from a fellow knitter for no reason other than that it’s there and I’m thinking about how much I like it.) … and on and on.

Good thing startitis is only allowed to happen a couple of times a year.

But all this browsing has also allowed me to pick out some fun prizes for you!  Your names were selected the utterly old-fashioned way:  written on slips of paper, placed in a bowl, drawn by a co-worker with a quizzical look.

AngieSue, Nanci, Mary, Frieda, Teekay, Bullwinkle and Noallatin – you’re all winners!  Look for emails from me so I know where to send the loot.

And thank you to each and every one of you who wrote something.  It truly warmed my heart.


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3 Responses to “Possibilities”

  1. intrepidotter Says:

    Very pretty yarn! Can’t wait to see the shawls 🙂

  2. Bullwinkle (@Outofyarn) Says:

    In my (humid) world, nothing is a year round accessory. Unless I go visit people elsewhere. But I love brioche stitch!

    Prizes? I’d totally forgotten! Yay! (Also – is something wrong with winning yarn after bringing home a suitcase full of the stuff??)

  3. Roundtrip « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] With my current project too close to completion, it’s a recurrence of startitis. […]

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