We take a time-out from our usual subject matter to pull the dusty soap-box out of the closet and engage in a bit of a vent.

It’s come to this, has it?

To wit:

  • I understand intellectual property rights.  I understand trademark law.  I also understand common usage.  We’ve grown a bit trademark-happy, haven’t we?  There’s even a spin-off discussion that one could not use the term _____ Games because of similarity to a book/movie with that title.  Must we trademark it all?
  • Increasing viewership and engagement in the Olympic Games (and viewings of corporate sponsors’ commercials, perchance) must not be valued in the eyes of USOC
  • Participants were not intending to universally rip off use of a logo in patterns – they were organizing categories for which the main goal was to challenge one’s self
  • There’s apparently no peace or harmony to be found in sharing a common endeavor in a multitude of places around the globe simultaneously
  • It matters not that the group exercise is non-profit in nature and purely for enjoyment, or for extension of one’s skills
  • USOC must insult any group whose labor is different from the athletic pursuits scheduled for London in July
  • USOC believes it has a lock on all things Olympic, though the community in question is global.  (Yes, I understand that in legalese, Ravelry’s US location creates the nexus, but come on.)  This is the same organization that has sought to make longstanding businesses in US cities near various games change their names owing to proximity.   Another reason I often consider moving to Canada
  • So nice to see that Gawker quotes Clara’s tweet

Seems to me that the games that started in Greece long before anyone found North America on a map were about common pursuits, excellence, sportsmanship and friendship.  Or so says the paraphernalia that came home with me from Athens before a certain set of Games a decade ago.  Seems to me that organized communities that would direct their energies together in positive ways in conjunction with said games would be in keeping with the spirit of said games.

Instead, a corporate legal department must troll the Internet and other places looking to protect the investment of purveyors of fast-food junk, chemicals and overpriced shoes made in under-developed countries by squelching any and all enthusiasm that can be drummed up for the women and men who have trained hard to represent their countries.

Sounds to me like there needs to be more work out there for the lawyers.

Athena, and the owl who keeps her company, would not be amused.

Returns soap box to closet.


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2 Responses to “Skewering”

  1. Bullwinkle (@Outofyarn) Says:

    I’m trying to decide what my comment would be – o.k. o.k. I get that you have to protect your copy right. But it is never o.k. to insult an entire group. Twice.

    And then there is the Power of the Internet (and Knitters) – what kind of lameness made the law clerk think “oh, this is a social network site for 2 million knitters. They will not email/tweet/FB in retaliation – knitters aren’t a) smart enough b) technical c) won’t know what’s happening?” The lack of thought that went into that initial letter is staggering.

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