I know I’m not the only daft knitter who does this.

Can’t be.

Upcoming: 72 hours of travel through two time zones to attend a meeting in the desert, then turn around and fly back East.

What will I obsess over most before I leave?

What knitting to take, of course.

With my current project too close to completion, it’s a recurrence of startitis.

Key considerations:  A one-skein project that involves minimal tools, little swatching and nearly mindless instructions.  Because I have some sense, a pattern that I already own.  And a combo I can package easily this evening while packing the other stuff.  You know, clothes, makeup ~ things muggles consider necessities … before my wake-up in the owl-hours to catch my flight.

Sometimes I will spend days thinking this over.

I don’t have the luxury of time now.

But the answer is incredibly simple:  Knitspot’s Plain Jhaynes mitts with Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona in Seaweed left over from my Phoenix Rising.  It’s a perfect use for laceweight remnants, and since the yarn just happens to be (ahem) in a basket on the coffee table, we can check that off.  Oh – and I have a skein of BrooklynTweed Loft and Pei within easy reach, too, so I can finally write some kind of a review.  Loft in the colorway Barn Owl, to boot. Or hoot.

Check and check.

Season 2 of Downton Abbey is loaded on the iPad.  A defensive measure for the one (long) flight where I appear to be stuck in a middle seat (gulp!).

Now to the rest of that packing list …


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4 Responses to “Roundtrip”

  1. Nancy Says:

    have a wonderful trip! I love flying as it affords time to do what I want with little interruoption except for food, drink and sleep!

  2. Nanci S Says:

    I also AGONIZE over the perfect project, and tools to bring when I leave home. Just got back from a trans atlantic vacation. Unless you are travelling 1st class, seat space is so VERY restrictive. I felt a little claustrophobic knitting for long in such a tight environment.
    Safe travels….

  3. Bullwinkle (@Outofyarn) Says:

    For a brief moment, I thought you were just taking the mitts on the trip. (After Iceland, I have learned.) Then I reread the post and realized you’ll be just fine. Wise Owl.

  4. Amarula Says:

    Can’t wait to see the photo of the finished mitts! You’re doing better than I usually do, overpacking knitting projects!

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