When things go horribly awry, you learn which of the people in your world really care.  I am so very fortunate … other than BFF KnittingKittens, my dear ones are an Internet connection away, but they are there.  With endless support and encouragement.

It takes my breath away.

Like the package that showed up yesterday.  A puffy package from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  Only I didn’t order anything.  And it’s too early for a club shipment.

Dyed and spun with love

This is no retail therapy.  This is love.  974 yards of hand-dyed, hand-spun support just waiting to be turned into a cashmere-merino hug I can wear.  In my favorite shades, of course (which I found the iPad camera wanting at capturing).

Can we talk over-achievers here for a sec?  Okay, not one to waste a minute, no, she had to combine the meditative aspects of spinning with exercise:  Jennifer spun it on the treadmill, for EZ’s sake!

I hope this can help me find my knitting mojo, for like Peter Pan’s shadow, it has utterly deserted me.  In the month since Owl Manor burned, I have managed to:

  • bind off a shawl;
  • drop stitches on one mitt while adding an extra stitch to its mate (requiring massive frogging of beading);
  • knit 4 rows of garter stitch.

That’s it.  Most nights, I just don’t have any stillness anymore.  There is sourcing and searching and seeking and reading and researching to do.  It is hard to roll it up and Put. It. Away.

But now I have something else to search for: the perfect pattern to marry to this very special delivery.


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4 Responses to “Special”

  1. Kathy Mac Says:

    Owl, I feel terrible about what happened to the house. I know that you are a strong woman and when you set your mind to it, look out. The “new” home will be even better-no doubt. Once you get a chance, you will begin knitting away-I can hardly wait to see what project you turn this yarn into. We are all pulling for you—-KMac

  2. Sydney Says:

    Hand spun. Wow. There is love in every single twist. Enjoy that thought while you ponder what pattern. And knit you must….

  3. Lanea Says:

    What a beautiful gift. I hope it helps your needles feel wonderful in your hands.

  4. Proof « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] by an extremely generous friend ~ who also happens to be very wise: “Why don’t you just try some knits and some […]

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