Checking in

Goodness, I’d no idea it had been so terribly long since I posted here.  I suppose a life-altering career change will have that unanticipated effect.  Fact is, now that I am no longer in an office, I find myself zooming through days and wondering how they could possibly have ended so fast, before I nod off over my knitting.

In part, this latter bit is directly related to no longer receiving scathing emails at home at night, nor directives demanding I log on and handle some matter from home.  I can say definitively that I am infinitely more relaxed than I have ever been.  There is no way I could have managed rebuilding a house, raising a child and working a full-time job simultaneously.  Period.

And thanks to a friend (I have momentarily wondered whether this was a blessing or not ~ momentarily), I was unexpectedly presented with the opportunity to tick something off my unofficial mental knitting bucket list. I can’t say more than that it involves

So much yarn, so little time ...

So much yarn, so little time …

these massive cones of cobweb yarn, toothpicks to knit on and a tight deadline.  Ach!  At times, it has kicked me in the tailfeathers.  But I will finish it ahead of the deadline.

Then there was the family visit that required frenzied house-cleaning and decluttering.  A good thing, but a time suck.  The upside:  I have a bed to block a half-dozen waiting FOs.  Stay tuned if you haven’t forgotten me.

In between, there will be 247 phone calls to contractors, vendors, inspectors and other assorted folk at Owl Manor.  Because though I no longer have a paying day job, I have something more than a day job at stake.  Feel free to hop over to Owl Manor and follow along.


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