What should I tell you to know a little about NutmegOwl?

I’m full-time working mother (of one Darling Bebe) who is passionate about knitting.  Twelve years ago, I walked into a LYS and said, “I’m going to knit a sweater.”  In two weeks, I was finished – and hooked. I have taught project-based classes at a couple of LYS, with a particular emphasis on intermediate-to-advanced knitters.  I love empowering them to try new techniques they’ve been afraid of.

Sadly, at the moment I am a displaced teacher, sans a LYS to call my teaching home.  Most of my knitting life and world are online these days as I stitch alone into the owl hours of the night.

Although my knitting time is rather compromised by responsibilities, I’m “owlways” thinking about knitting in some part of my otherwise engaged brain.

Maybe you’ll find my observations and (mis)adventures amusing.  Maybe you’ll find them instructive.   Sometimes even annoying.  So be it.

I will ask that even if you know me, you respect my online privacy and leave my not-so-virtual name out of comments and cross-posts.

In the interest of transparency:  I knit samples for Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  I am not asked to post a word related to this; any and all opinions expressed here related to STF yarns are my own, and expressed of my own volition.  The same can be said of any other yarn or product discussed within these pages.  I do not receive any compensation for what I choose to write, or write about.

I have posted this in replies to comments in a couple of places, but this seems the right home for this information: My avatar is a crocheted baby shower gift made by the talented jeneration-x from a pattern by pepika.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Glad to meet you!!! I’ve been enjoyiing your blog for a couple of months and have searched it looking for the pattern of your Owl Logo… alas! no success.
    Could you direct me to it?
    Thanks for you … Elizabeth

    • NutmegOwl Says:

      You must have missed the reply I posted to your question on a different post previously. I have added the information on this page for your convenience. Thanks for reading!

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