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Dispatch from the front

July 28, 2010

Lest you think NutmegOwl has decamped for some fun vacation, I am in my owl box with head down, knitting my brains out on the aforementioned test-knit.  Back and fronts finished, sleeves in progress on this WIP Wednesday.

In the meantime, I will share something that makes me smile grin.

From girlontherocks

From the talented girlontherocks, this utilitarian but so-cute-it-hurts needle sizer/gauge measuring tool.

I discovered it as part of my quest to appropriately honor the birthday of BFF KnittingKittens. And to beef up my stash of knitting gifties for future opportunities.




February 17, 2010

Thanks to novenas to the Yarn Goddess and candles to St. Jude, here is an enlarged and completed Citron – with about 5 yards of yarn to spare!

Unblocked Citron

That’s right, the generous yardage of Sundara Fingering Silky Merino – billed as 500 yards, but always more – allowed for completion of a 6th pattern repeat and a complete ending ruffle.

About the pattern:  Just what the doctor ordered.  An unfussy knit that required no concentration.  Another shout-out here to Lilia who unselfishly shared the math to preserve the remaining sanity of one overtaxed Owl.

About the yarn:  Yummmmm! It feels wonderful and it hasn’t yet had a bath!  I do love semi-solids, and in this case, I’m delighted with the marriage of yarn and pattern.  The tonal color changes add depth to the pattern’s simplicity.

About gauge: I went up one needle size from the suggested 6 st/in for laceweight to account for the slightly heavier yarn while maintaining desired drape.  Actual gauge (pre-blocking) of about 5.5st/in.  It will undoubtedly open up a little more with blocking.  I also used a needle 2 sizes larger for the bind-off to keep the ruffle from drawing in.

My only caution regarding FSM is that if you are using lifelines, be sure to use a blunt-tipped needle.  The FSM can catch a needle in weird parts of the loops if you’re not using a really a fat tip.

Yes, I used a couple of lifelines – because I could.  I believe in idiot-proofing wherever possible.  Had I run out of yarn, no big deal.  I mean, it wasn’t in any way a tricky knit.  Word has it that a number of knitters have felt the project to be a little small.  I will follow the advice of Sprocket and block it a little harder along the straight edge to get more length.  With the extra pattern repeat, it’s more than a half-circle anyway, and the extra repeat will help preserve the ruffle in so doing.

Another Citron angle

The tricky part as it were, involves the time/inclination to clear out the guest room from our vacation bags to have room to block this.  Yes, I know we went away a bit ago, but they’re all summer clothes that need to be put away somewhere.

Wouldn’t you rather knit instead?

I thought so.

Where I am – WIP Wednesday edition

December 16, 2009

This work in progress kinda says it all about this week:

Stocking in progress

Still working “under the cuff.”  Nope, not even quite to the letters yet.   The vertical ones I designed myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted that fit the proportions of the stocking.  Intarsia letters.

I. Hate. Colorwork.

Darling Bebe is felled by another ear infection.  Juggling job and DB and not enuf knitting time in the world.  And I thought I was doing so well.  HA!

Just goes to show that every time I think I have things under control, something else kicks me in the keester.  Maybe I can knit through the company holiday luncheon Yankee Swap tomorrow.  Yeah, that’s it.  Wish me luck.

Snow swirl

December 10, 2009

It’s a first:  I’ve actually completed a New Beginnings project from the KR Retreat.  Yes, I chose a hat, for pete’s sake, but I still finished it!

Narragansett beret

And none too soon: we had snow this morning and I needed it to keep my hair dry.  Never mind that in the photo, I’m in my jammies.  You get the idea.

The knitty gritty: Narragansett by Kristin Kapur for Through the Loops knitted in DyeDreams Celestial in Rust on US 4 and US 7 Addis.  Started Nov. 22; completed Dec. 6.  Completion credited to karma from wonderful pals and Knitting Royalty who helped get it OTN.

I really like the pattern.  I had been forewarned that it was mega-slouchy, so I did make some mods, and if I knit it again, will make some others.   The pattern calls for knitting 5 inches from cast-on edge before beginning decreases.  Having read that it was incredibly slouchy, I opted to knit 4 inches from the edge, and I’m pleased with that.  But in spite of getting gauge for the ribbing, next time, I would decrease the cast-on by 8, and probably knit the full 5 inches, and adjust the decreases to be every 17 st instead of 18.   It makes me a little afraid it’s going to go slouching right off my noggin.

That said, I do LOVE it. Especially the gorgeous swirl.

I am a little surprised that the yarn didn’t really wow me.  The color is lovely – that’s what DyeDreams is great at – but it was nothing particularly luscious to knit with, and its bath didn’t really change that.  I do look forward to knitting with their new BunnySox – an angora blend fingering-weight – for serious yummies.  (I have a special fondness for dyers who produce gorgeous semi-solids, as opposed to variegateds.)  Note:  BunnySox does not yet appear on their website.

With another FO notched, I had a horrible realizationI have less than 3 weeks to design and knit a stocking for Darling Bebe.  There’s precedent here:  all 3 of the nieces have them.  You know, names knitted into them, colorwork, the works.  DB simply cannot not have one, especially since she actually recognizes Santa this year.   I can get a pass until next year on the new nephew since he’s just a few months old.  To quote Charlie Brown:  AUGH!

You know what I’ll be doing next … and what I’m up to if you don’t hear from me for a bit.

FO: A loop of lace

November 18, 2009

Ring of Lace - 3x around

Yes, finally another FO:  Ring of Lace by Jackie Erickson Schweitzer.   This is just a giant loop knitted in the round.  I was initially drawn to it because the pattern gives an extensive explanation of faux ikat — or rather, “planned pooling.”  It was written for Schaeffer Andrea, and based around the color repeat for that yarn.  I used the equation in the pattern on Morehouse Merino variegated laceweight.  In spite of many miscalculations, I could not make the pooling work.  The yarn was from a “cinque skein” sold at Rhinebeck a few years back.  I used less than half of the 1050 yards, so someone is going to find a small shawl’s worth of Morehouse at the KR Retreat this week.


Ring of Lace blocked

I actually knitted this over a LONG period of time.  It was exceptionally easy to pick up and put down, and was great for mindless knitting.

One of the things I like about it is the options for wearing.  Above, it’s wrapped around the neck 3x as a cowl.


Below, it’s just twisted into 2 loops.

Ring of Lace - 2 loops

Pattern mods:  I knitted 2 fewer repeats of the pattern than it called for.  It is deep enough.

Blocked dimensions:  44 1/2 inches long (folded in half – it’s a loop, remember?) by 11 1 /2 inches deep.  The Morehouse turned its water the color of orange Kool-Aid, but there was no apparent change in shade in the FO.

The edges seem to want to roll a bit – I suspect steaming is in order … Oh, and yes, the knitting on this was finished months ago – just an issue of needing time and space to block.  Again.

WIP Wednesday

June 3, 2009

Sorry, I’m pic-less on this WIP Wednesday.  Instead, a word about finishing.  More accurately, a word about buttons.

Buttons, buttons – what they add or do not to a piece.  They are make-it-or-break-it.  I know there are scads of collectors out there who buy buttons the way I buy yarn.  I just have a very hard time doing it until I can see them on a finished piece.

It took trips to three places to find the right buttons for the Katie Bell Baby Cardi.  Last night, I spent a precious hour sewing all 7 onto the sweater.  An HOUR, I tell you.  I had a devil of a time getting the buttons to seat themselves as I wanted, because they had unusual construction and shanks.  Finally – FINALLY – after snipping them off and starting over more times than I can tell you, I got them Betsy Ross’d on sufficiently to prevent toddler choking and to sit properly on the knitting.  And that, as they say, is an hour of my life I will never get back.

You’ll see as soon as the sweater is blocked.  Pics already taken, but I’m waiting until there is Darling Bebe eye candy to show it off properly.

Oh, and yesterday, there was a little LYS stop in the middle of the day.  I’ll show you the results after Mom leaves.  For now, I am hiding the bag.  No sense opening myself up to another cocked eyebrow involving yarn.  (Funny, but spouse thinks nothing of it, it’s my mother who would have a coronary if she knew anything about the real stash.)

Happy Wednesday!

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