Skip ’em

Skip ’em: Reviews of yarns I wouldn’t touch again unless I found myself on that desert island …

Disclosure:  These are my personal opinions and I have not received any form of remuneration or consideration for providing them.

(Updated as needed)

AslanTrends Guanaco – I really wanted to like this bulky merino/alpaca blend.  It’s okay, but you’ll find lots of long wiry guard hairs in it.  It does not soften up significantly with blocking.  At the same price point, you can do better.

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece – Could this stuff split any more?  Generous yardage, and affordable, but not a pleasure to knit with.

Brown Sheep NatureSpun Sport – While this yarn does feature good stickiness for colorwork, I will not use it again.  It has a tendency to be splitty and feels so processed that it barely resembles wool.

Classic Elite LaGran –  It’s mohair, so ’nuff said.  See Kidsilk Haze below.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock/Shepherd Worsted – This tended to split, but more importantly, pools like a banshee on socks.  I like LL colorways, to be sure, but will only play with laceweight or semisolids.

Malabrigo worsted – I know many knitters swear by this yarn for its softness.  I found it to be unpleasantly sticky.

Plymouth Yarns Royal Cashmere – This is unforgiving splitty stuff.  It does soften and plump slightly with wet-blocking, but the plies want to separate.  No thanks.

Queensland Rustic Wool – The semi-solid colorways are really nice, but this has the same nylon-y feel as many superwash wools at the same or lower price point.  Ends refuse to stay tied in, it splits, and buttons fall off no matter what you do.

Queensland Sugar Rush – Viscose yarn made from sugar cane, this is as soft and drapey as can be.  But it dearly wants to split, even using very sharp tips.  Finished objects grow ~ and grow ~ and grow.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze/Aura – No mo’ mohair for me.  Fanatics are welcome to have my lifetime allotment of it, as mohair just hates me.  Makes me drop stitches and gets in my eyes and nose.  Ugh.  Not for me.


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