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TINK-erbell’s candles

April 29, 2013


Happy blogiversary to me … four years that we have visited here in this virtual owl box.  Seems a lot longer, then I look at my extremely erratic posting over the past eight months and drop my head in some shame.  But life happens, and it’s happened to me in spades.  And while many of my blogging brethren have no problem sitting down and dashing out a post, I spend time thinking about I want to say and how I want it represented, visually and otherwise.

The upshot is a rather absent(minded) Owl of late. I can’t promise I will do better over the next year with the mayhem I expect on the horizon at Owl Manor, but I will try.

‘Course, just blocking a half dozen pieces would help (cough, cough).

That said, I will be honest and tell you today about a new experience in my knitting world:  I blew a deadline.  I didn’t want to or mean to, but ultimately, we agreed it was the best outcome for everyone.

04-12-13 SunnaSurprise

Sunna in Fig with 8/0 Miyuki Delica Hex beads

The project is a lovely little shawl from my friend, Sivia Harding.  Nothing complex, just some beads and my favorite fingering weight yarn, Spirit Train Fiberworks Sunna.  It was supposed to be done for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival later this week.

First, I ran out of beads.  They were from my little bead stash, which is pretty well-organized, so it took very little time to order and receive more, but it did delay me a few days when I really needed to  have those days back.

Everything was going great guns until I had one of those head-slapping, I-should-have-had-a-V-8 moments around 4 in the morning.  You see, even though Sivia clearly told me how to do the increases, I still manipulated them to look like yarn-overs.  After all, this was lace.  Of course increases should be decorative.

What hit me in that predawn haze was the notion that a shawl knit side to side increases halfway, then decreases back again.  So all those increases would be decreases imminently.  Decreases that would NOT need a yarn-over to highlight them.  Ummm.


See the lovely dropped stitch at the top just waiting to be picked back up?

See the lovely dropped stitch at the top just waiting to be picked back up?

I am pretty game at fixing mistakes.  I mean, I just had to drop the stitches to each increase, pick it up the right way, and then run the stitch back up to the needles again and Bob’s your uncle.  Yeah, sure.  Tinking down 70 or more rows to reach some of those offending increases.  Then discovering a few times that maybe I didn’t catch every single stitch I needed to on the way back up again …

Am I an 11-year-old who can’t read a pattern, for the love of Mike? Apparently so.

Bottom line:

04-26-13 ready to rip

Ready to rip!

The shawl was about 45% complete.

I ripped it all out and started over again.

You’ll see it at Rhinebeck.

I will have some sanity in the interim.

But blowing a deadline, that’s going to bug me for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for coming by to visit today and every time I post.  I appreciate you taking the time. Now let’s eat some cake, or at least find ice cream.

Everything is a little better with ice cream.


Charmed: Year 3!

April 29, 2012

How about that?  Three years online and growing.

Most days, I feel like I’m writing for myself, a couple of out-of-state friends, and some former students who don’t have a LYS to take classes with me anymore.  Then I’ll get some revelation that knocks me smack onto my tailfeathers.  Like the new WordPress stat maps that show me readers in Japan and Russia and any number of other places it never occurred to me to think might be swooping by.  (I get really tickled to see Internet searches in Greek.)  I mean, it’s not like there are boundaries on the Internets.  Or the random days where for no particular reason, several hundred people will drop by.  I didn’t put a pie on the windowsill to cool or anything.  But you come anyhow.

It’s all pretty nifty.

Especially the part where I tell you that I’m pretty sure that my family still doesn’t know I’m doing this.  Or if they do, they’re not telling.  And that’s okay, too.

I get the biggest kick out of seeing what you come here to find.  Most often it’s the reviews of how different new yarns perform.  If my experiences can help you decide whether one is right for you, so much the better.

Sadly, I won’t have spent the almost-blogiversary Saturday at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival ~ celebrating its year 103 in 2012.  My evil employers captors have seen fit to incarcerate me at a mega-management program for the weekend.  So have a slice of cake and some ice cream for me, won’t you?

My revenge reward ~ will be to run away next week to an event I’ve never attended:  the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, MDSW for short.  Bless Mr. Owl for telling me to buy the ticket and go.  Bless Jen and Co. for welcoming me to the Booth Babes sisterhood.  I promise to tell you all about it. You never know what will make it home in the suitcase that Southwest lets me check for free.  (Kiss kiss to Southwest.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a blogiversary if I didn’t celebrate with a contest and prizes.  Put on your imaginary party hat and think back to what first brought you here.  Tell me about it in the comments below.  Or hold up your glass of bubbly and tell me something else.  Lurkers: This is your cue to come on out!  Contest closes Sunday, May 6 at 11:59 p.m.  Winners to be drawn the old-fashioned way.  Cheers!


May 20, 2011

If I were any farther behind in blogging (and everything else), I’d be able to see my own backside.  Apologies.

First, answers to the Blogiversary contest:

Most-read blog post of Year 2: My review of Quince & Co.’s Chickadee yarn outpaced every other post, including the Knitter’s Review Retreat.  No one got that one.

Most common Internet search term hit:  Shelter Button Jar – folks clearly looking for alternate photos of this green-blue/blue-green colorway in one of the most appreciated new yarns of the year.  No winning guesses there, either.

The Winners and the prizes: Lots of goodies to share with you for taking the time to write.  Any time one of you drops in for a read I feel like a friend has come by for a cuppa tea. Winners were drawn from a basket by a co-worker in a most unsophisticated traditional manner.

Cashmere for Jacqui

A reminder to owlways knit for Pat

Malone: A "crunchy" Cormo cross from Fox Hill Farm

Phlame: Welcome and enjoy Dirty Water DyeWorks Julia

KnittingKittens, this was NOT rigged. Foxfire 4 U.

Winners will all be notified via the email addresses you attached to your comments.

As this entry posts, I am on a wee trip out-of-state that involves a tiny bit of yarn-crawling in my “home away from home.”  Methinks a different time zone and some precious time alone will do a world of good. Of course, if I could quit obsessing about what travel project I should take, I would be using my time more efficiently.

I left behind one finished shawl on the wires; another is waiting on the runway.  Both involve some slightly different blocking techniques to achieve different ends.

I’ll talk to you soon, but for now, NutmegOwl must fly.

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