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May 20, 2011

If I were any farther behind in blogging (and everything else), I’d be able to see my own backside.  Apologies.

First, answers to the Blogiversary contest:

Most-read blog post of Year 2: My review of Quince & Co.’s Chickadee yarn outpaced every other post, including the Knitter’s Review Retreat.  No one got that one.

Most common Internet search term hit:  Shelter Button Jar – folks clearly looking for alternate photos of this green-blue/blue-green colorway in one of the most appreciated new yarns of the year.  No winning guesses there, either.

The Winners and the prizes: Lots of goodies to share with you for taking the time to write.  Any time one of you drops in for a read I feel like a friend has come by for a cuppa tea. Winners were drawn from a basket by a co-worker in a most unsophisticated traditional manner.

Cashmere for Jacqui

A reminder to owlways knit for Pat

Malone: A "crunchy" Cormo cross from Fox Hill Farm

Phlame: Welcome and enjoy Dirty Water DyeWorks Julia

KnittingKittens, this was NOT rigged. Foxfire 4 U.

Winners will all be notified via the email addresses you attached to your comments.

As this entry posts, I am on a wee trip out-of-state that involves a tiny bit of yarn-crawling in my “home away from home.”  Methinks a different time zone and some precious time alone will do a world of good. Of course, if I could quit obsessing about what travel project I should take, I would be using my time more efficiently.

I left behind one finished shawl on the wires; another is waiting on the runway.  Both involve some slightly different blocking techniques to achieve different ends.

I’ll talk to you soon, but for now, NutmegOwl must fly.


A glance

January 6, 2011

When the calendar page turns, we are all conditioned to take stock.  A glance back, a look ahead.

A year ago, I promised to “make progress on the following”:

Tackle some of the baker’s dozen of unfinished objects ~ Hm.  Ten still undone.  Oops.  Too many shiny distractions and not enough brain space to wrestle with some of these.

Knit like crazy for the darlingest knitwear model ~ Still the cutest model, but woeful progress here, too.   One done, one missing a collar.  Still.  Idjit.

The secret test-knit

Knit one sweater for myself ~ I did knit one sweater, albeit for a soon-to-be-published book.  In 36 days.  On size 2 needles, with intarsia and fair-isle.  I think that qualifies.

Attend an extra day of the Knitter’s Review Retreat ~ Done.  Best decision ever.

Ready my own design for publication ~ Oh, that.  I forgot all about it.


Deep breath which can also be read as a sigh.

Peachy - the pattern and the model

Time to look at the year’s knitting from a different angle:

  • Projects completed:  21 plus 3 test-knits
  • Yarn used:  3.2 miles plus 1.2 miles = 4.3 miles of yarn
  • 8 shawls, 7 cowls, 2 hats, 3 fingerless mitts, 2 scarves, 1 adult and 1 child’s sweater, 1 pair of socks  No, the math doesn’t work, but I’m not going back to figure it out.
  • Number of “one-skein” projects completed:  16
  • WIP/UFOs today:  15
  • Fibers first used in 2010:  Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), California Variegated Mutant (CVM), Cormo, Targhee
  • Favorite yarns used in 2010:  Briar Rose Fibers Glory Days, Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna and Lyra, Sundara Sock, Foxfire Fiber Cormo/Silk/Alpaca, Quince and Co. Chickadee, AslanTrends Invernal
  • Designers I knitted from most:  Ysolda Teague, Gudrun Johnston

SHELTER - Button Jar for Woodruff mittens

On tap for 2011 (besides attacking those UFOs that are still UFOs – I mean, really):

E-nough with the navel-gazing already!

The past week has brought seismic shifts in several critical parts of my life, and these shifts are mostly good extraordinary.  They mean I am no longer carrying a Steinway in terms of the responsibilities and pressures of everyday life.  Will it mean more knitting time?  I sure hope so.

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