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February 17, 2010

Thanks to novenas to the Yarn Goddess and candles to St. Jude, here is an enlarged and completed Citron – with about 5 yards of yarn to spare!

Unblocked Citron

That’s right, the generous yardage of Sundara Fingering Silky Merino – billed as 500 yards, but always more – allowed for completion of a 6th pattern repeat and a complete ending ruffle.

About the pattern:  Just what the doctor ordered.  An unfussy knit that required no concentration.  Another shout-out here to Lilia who unselfishly shared the math to preserve the remaining sanity of one overtaxed Owl.

About the yarn:  Yummmmm! It feels wonderful and it hasn’t yet had a bath!  I do love semi-solids, and in this case, I’m delighted with the marriage of yarn and pattern.  The tonal color changes add depth to the pattern’s simplicity.

About gauge: I went up one needle size from the suggested 6 st/in for laceweight to account for the slightly heavier yarn while maintaining desired drape.  Actual gauge (pre-blocking) of about 5.5st/in.  It will undoubtedly open up a little more with blocking.  I also used a needle 2 sizes larger for the bind-off to keep the ruffle from drawing in.

My only caution regarding FSM is that if you are using lifelines, be sure to use a blunt-tipped needle.  The FSM can catch a needle in weird parts of the loops if you’re not using a really a fat tip.

Yes, I used a couple of lifelines – because I could.  I believe in idiot-proofing wherever possible.  Had I run out of yarn, no big deal.  I mean, it wasn’t in any way a tricky knit.  Word has it that a number of knitters have felt the project to be a little small.  I will follow the advice of Sprocket and block it a little harder along the straight edge to get more length.  With the extra pattern repeat, it’s more than a half-circle anyway, and the extra repeat will help preserve the ruffle in so doing.

Another Citron angle

The tricky part as it were, involves the time/inclination to clear out the guest room from our vacation bags to have room to block this.  Yes, I know we went away a bit ago, but they’re all summer clothes that need to be put away somewhere.

Wouldn’t you rather knit instead?

I thought so.


A slice

February 4, 2010

… in this case, a slice of time removed from the real world, to sit on a beach, swim in the pool with a delighted toddler, see a movie in a theatre, stroll brightly lit downtown streets, sip a T&T with a big, fat lime and actual bubbles in the tonic while the sun dips below the horizon.

It was wonderful.

The other slice is this: A Slice of Santa Fe, my name for Citron, from’s winter issue.

Citron in progress

This pattern is the ultimate in vacation knitting.  Cast on, work stockinette back and forth, and let the yarn do the work.

In this case, the yarn is Sundara Fingering Silky Merino in the colorway Adobe from the Santa Fe Collection.  It’s a warm orange/tan semi-solid – exactly what the name says.  It’s my first time knitting with this yarn, and while it would initially appear to want to be somewhat splitty, it isn’t splitting at all while on the needles. (Addi Lace US 6, to be precise.  I had gauge with the 5, but wanted a more airy, draping fabric, so I opened it up just a bit.)  With no exertion, I’m nearly finished.

Just what the doctor ordered.  Along with that T&T.

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